Acupuncture Beneficial for Pain & Stress

People who must keep up with the pace and intensity of work in these times find their routines very stressful and anxiety-inducing. Even though these issues constantly affect our daily lives, we do not have the time to address them. Because of this, it is essential to look for alternatives to anxiety-related issues that are both effective and time-saving, like acupuncture therapy.
Complementary & Alternative medicine (CAM) treatments like acupuncture have recently increased in popularity. Traditional Chinese acupuncture treats physical illnesses and mental health issues by balancing energy. The philosophy behind this therapy is that our natural energy flows freely through many channels inside. These pathways are blocked by anxiety and stress, thus preventing the normal flow of energy. Gradually stress and pain increase, but with time, this obstruction in normal flow creates medical problems. On the other hand, Western practitioners often see acupuncture points as sites for stimulating the nervous system, muscles, and connective tissue. According to science, this stimulation may enhance your natural painkillers, producing favorable results in the patient’s body.

Expert therapists have recorded acupuncture sites throughout the body. Sometimes, the correct locations may be far from where you are experiencing discomfort. Your therapist will map out the suitable areas for the treatment. The therapy includes lying on a cushioned surface and:

  • Insertion: Needles are inserted at different depths at crucial locations on your body to provide acupuncture. Since the needles are thin, the insertion is painless. It takes 5 to 20 pricks in one session, although people seldom feel them. Sometimes, you may experience slight pain when a needle is at the correct depth.
  • Manipulation: Your practitioner may reposition or twirl needles or use heat or modest electrical pulses after positioning.
  • Removal: The needles stay in place for 10 to 15 minutes while you rest. Finally, the therapist takes them out carefully, without the patient noticing any pain. 
  • Stimulation: Acupuncture boosts serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin levels, creating a patient feel uplifted. As a result, it may relieve pain and tension, making you feel energetic and calm after only one treatment.
  • Pain relief: Acupuncture may assist with nausea, stomach distress, sleep disorders, fertility, women’s health, and migraines. While many individuals are hesitant to employ acupuncture for these concerns, the therapy may frequently deliver relief, if not total remission.
  • Chemical-free: This East Asian medicine uses natural treatment to cure energy body imbalances. Eventually, there are no chemicals or drugs involved. The U.S. norm is to use disposable sterilized needles. With sterile needles, there’s no chance of infection.
  • Professionally done: Practicing acupuncture requires 3 to 4 years of graduate training. Licensed acupuncturists in the U.S. must pass a national test. In this way, it ensures that acupuncture patients get the best possible treatment.
  • Anxiety relief: As a result of increased blood flow, strained muscles are relieved, and the patient feels more at peace. This increased blood flow stimulates the brain region that governs emotions and encourages the nervous system to create painkilling chemicals. Consequently, stress level reduces, sleep improves, and fatigue vanishes.
Although acupuncture’s side effects are minimal and temporary, there are some limitations about who should receive this treatment. Patients with bleeding disorders should refrain from getting this therapy. Pregnant ladies and people with artificial cardiac pacemakers should also avoid acupuncture treatment.
Final words
It is essential to communicate with your acupuncturist so that they can determine what is best for your tolerance and avoid sensitive places. The talk that it is unreliable and unsafe is a thing of the past. At present days, acupuncture provides exceptional results. According to modern research, acupuncture is very effective in relieving chronic pain and various medical ailments. Furthermore, the fact that influential organizations have acknowledged this treatment proves its reliability and efficacy.

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